Recognition & Engagement

The University of Toronto ranks among the best universities in the world because of the vital daily contributions of our faculty and staff. Staff and faculty who feel valued are more engaged and motivated, which contributes to advancing the University’s mission and enhancing the University experience for the entire community.

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Approach to Recognition & Engagement

In recognition of the positive impact of our staff and faculty, the University offers an array of awards and recognition opportunities. Annual staff awards are part of our formal recognition strategy where individual or team accomplishments can be nominated for an award based on pre-defined criteria. In addition to the annual awards, the True Blue Recognition Platform provides the opportunity to informally recognize small victories and day-to-day accomplishments in real time.

Recognition Best Practices

True Blue Recognition Platform

Your central hub for sending informal recognitions and submitting formal staff award nominations. This digital platform is available for all faculty and staff at the University with a UTORID (appointed and non-appointed). On this platform you can acknowledge a peer for their stand out daily contributions or nominate your colleagues for an award.

True Blue Daily RecognitionTrue Blue Recognition Platform
Administrative Staff Awards

Recognizing Applied Science & Engineering staff for their exceptional contributions to the Faculty.

Awards of Excellence

Recognizing excellence and leadership at the University.

Deans Staff Excellence Awards

Awards recognizing professionalism and the contribution to morale in the Faculty of Dentistry.

Excellence Through Innovation Award

Celebrating the significant efforts of individuals or teams to advance the University’s strategic objectives.

Green Ribbon Award

Celebrating outstanding contributions of green leaders who contribute to encouraging a sustainable culture on campus.

HR & Equity Awards of Distinction

Celebrating outstanding contribution and impact to the Division by individuals and teams

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Award

Recognizing outstanding work towards eliminating racial discrimination throughout the community.

Karen Thiffault Staff Service Excellence Award

Recognizing contributions by staff members that are beneficial to the UTM community. 

Long Service Award

Recognizing U of T staff & faculty who are celebrating 25, 35, and 40 years of service.

OISE Staff Excellence Awards

Rewarding the excellent administrative staff at OISE

Retirement Reception

Honouring employees as they retire from the University.

Simcoe Hall Vice-Presidential Staff Award

Celebrating outstanding staff accomplishments in offices reporting into SVP portfolios.

Staff IMPACT Awards

Honouring staff for their work and dedication to the Faculty of Medicine

STAR Awards

Recognizing notable team accomplishments and extraodinary work by library staff.

True Blue Program

Thank a peer for their stand out daily contributions.